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we are a band of acoustic post japan a scene basis and emotional....

2013年、以前からお互いをリスペクトし合っていた林、和田、藤原、神谷が集まり、O4 結成。



2014年初頭、制作中のアルバムより4曲、「withered tree」「break on me all」「pottering」「nothings」のラフミックス音源をsoundcloud にて視聴開始。



同年8月、1st album 「in the end」をiTunes store、ライブ会場にて発売。

初秋には、1st album 「in the end」リリースイベントを京都GROWLY にて開催

(w/ レミ街 / white white sisters / YOU MUST SEE I / 井上 敦 (エピソード)/ sunday morning bell)


発売から1年後の2015年8月5日にはTOWER RECORD 梅田マルビル店より1st Album「in the end」限定販売開始。

同年10月21日には、TOWER RECORD 渋谷店からも販売開始される。







O4 are...


vo/gt 林 雅人





key 和田 晋

O4の楽曲の壮大なクオリティのカギを握る人物。the HIATUS のリミックスコンテストで細美 武士氏に選ばれたり、Shin Wada 名義でソロアルバムを発表するなど、




ba/cho 藤原 成史



dr/cho 神谷 佑






Hayashi, Kamiya, Wada and Fujiwara have respect for each other, was formed the O4 in 2013.

First one years without a live, production, and recording of the album.


First of 2014, 4 songs「withered tree」「break on me all」「pottering」「nothings」lough mix edit from album in production published on the soundcloud.

It get an evaluation from various quarters.


August of that year, we have released the 1st album 「in the end」in the live venue and iTunes store.

And we held album release party in kyoto 「GROWLY」at the beginning of autumn(w/ レミ街 / white white sisters / YOU MUST SEE I / 井上 敦 (エピソード)/ sunday morning bell).


One year after launch, August 5, 2015 . TOWER RECORD Umeda Marubuil 1st Album " in the end " limited sale starts in stores and The same year October 21. It will be sold starting from TOWER RECORD Shibuya.


We have to respect acoustic sound and beautiful melody, and music to continue to expand the magnificent, and sorrow, and emotional.



O4 are...


Masato Hayashi (vocal & acoustic guitar)

Chance of band formation is due to his beautiful singing voice, and his 

beautiful presence on stage, and his sense of music, and his 

humorous character.

He also songwriting.


Shin Wada (electric piano & synthesizer)

Grand scale of O4s songs is due to him. He pleased to announce the album in the name of Shin Wada.


Masashi Fujiwara (bass & vocal)

Recording and mixing and mastering of O4s songs due to him.


Yuu Kamiya (drums & vocal)

Main songwriting and devise the main concept of O4 is due to him.

© 2017 Copyright O4

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